Redwood Decking

We offer four grades of redwood decking and components to suit budget conscious consumers to the high-end craftsman. We only sell all-heart redwood decking. We don’t sell lower sapwood grades that contain the white colored wood from the outer part of the tree. Only the red colored heartwood has the high rot and insect resistance desired in a long lasting deck. All of our decking is stored indoors.

Construction Heart

Our lowest price grade. This grade allows knots and other imperfections. It can have larger and more knots than higher grades. Commonly used for decking and other outdoor applications requiring high rot and insect resistance. Is also referred to as “con heart”.

Select Heart

This is our most popular decking grade. Has the same characteristics as construction heart but with fewer and smaller knots with minimal other imperfections. Used for decking, arbors and other outdoor applications where appearance is important.

Heart ‘B’

This is high grade redwood. Contains very few knots. Is graded on one face and one edge. Minor imperfections are allowed on the back side. Makes a very nice deck, railing, hot tub enclosure or other application where appearance is of the utmost importance

Clear Heart

The highest grade of redwood. One face and bother edges are free of any knots or other imperfections. The back side is allowed very small knots or imperfections. Used for high-end decks, railings and other applications where appearance and durability are second to none.

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